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Menominee River Footbridge, Marinette, WI

Marinette Refuse and Recycling Programs

The following policy is in effect for the City of Marinette's Solid Waste Collection Program. It has resulted in simplified recycling and refuse procedures.

  1. Your garbage and recyclables are collected on the same day of every week.
  2. No need to sort of every type of recyclable product.
  • Bags must be 33 gallons or smaller and must weigh less than 50 lbs.
  • Limit of six bags per stop.
  • If you use a garbage can, the biggest size allowed is 32 gallons.
  • Refuse must be placed out for pickup by 6:00 am and no earlier than 12 hours before pickup day.
  • Garbage can "racks"' cannot have a vertical lift of over one foot, and garbage holding bins are not permitted.
  • In the winter, please keep a space clear of snow and ice where you place your garbage bags or cans. The City understands this policy has required some adjustment from residents. But the policy was designed to make collecting garbage more efficient. The reason for the size restriction on the cans is so that the driver can reach into the can and pull out the bags. This avoids lifting injuries to the employees and makes collection much faster.

These changes will also help our streets and alleys appear neater and cleaner which makes the City a better place to live.

Recycling Details

  1. Newspapers, magazines, junk mail (including window envelopes), brown paper bags, cereal boxes, soda boxes and cardboard are accepted and should be bundled or bagged in paper bags. Plastic bags are not acceptable.
  2. Glass jars and bottles, clear or colored, should be rinsed out to prevent odor problems and spilling. Removal of labels and covers is encouraged. Glass, such as light bulbs, window glass, drinking glasses, and dishes are not recyclable.
  3. Tin and metal cans shoud be rinsed to prevent odor problems. Removal of labels is encouraged.
  4. Aluminum cans should be rinsed and also crushed to save space.
  5. Plastic #1 such as soda bottles and #2 such as milk and detergent containers are accepted. Plastic bags are not recyclable. Please rinse plastic containers and remove caps.

Large Items and Other Junk

What about all the items that you cleaned out of your garage or basement. If those things can fit in a garbage bag, you need to use a bag. If you have items that are too big for a garbage bag, you can take those items to the City's drop site at 2411 Cleveland Avenue. The hours have been extended now to make it more convenient for you.

Wednesdays 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
Saturdays 8:00 am to 12:00 Noon

The City will collect large items on your regular refuse/recycle day every two weeks. Collection is limited to 5 cubic yards per stop. Please see the calender in this newsletter to see which weeks are Junk Pickup Weeks. Remember, you may not place large items out for pickup more than 24 hours before the pickup day. If you do, you are subject to a citiation.

Also remember that you may not place loose garbage, cardboard boxes full of garbage or cans full of loose garbage out for pickup.

There are certain items that will not be collected and cannot be taken to the drop site. These are: roofing, tar paper, paint, white goods (stoves & refrigerators), tires and cement bricks, blocks or rocks.

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