Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes Section 62.23(7)(d)(2) and Marinette Municipal Code Sections 13.4205 and 13.4206, the Marinette Common Council will hold a public hearing on March 1, 2016 at 5:45 p.m. in the Common Council Chambers at Marinette City Hall, 1905 Hall Avenue, Marinette, Wisconsin, for the purpose of receiving public comment upon the recommendation of the Plan Commission:
To zone the recently-annexed property owned by Daniel and Rhonda Madsen for the proposed Bay Area Medical Center Hospital/Medical Office Building on the South Side of University Drive, approximately 4,000 feet west of the intersection of University Drive and Pierce Avenue, as I-1 Institutional and Public Service Zoning District (property is currently temporarily zoned I-1 Institutional and Public Service Zoning District), to-wit:
That part of the Southeast ¼ of section 13, Township 30 North, Range 23 East, in the City of Marinette (formerly in the Town of Peshtigo), Marinette County, Wisconsin, more particularly described as follows:
Commencing at the northeast corner of said Southeast ¼; thence South 01°31’27”East, on and along the east line of said Southeast ¼, 55.19 feet to the point of beginning; thence South 01°31’27”East, on and along said east line, 1260.66 feet to the southeast corner of the Northeast ¼ of said Southeast ¼; thence North 86°50’26”West, on and along the south line of the Northeast ¼ of said Southeast ¼, 1244.64 feet to the southwest corner of the Northeast ¼ of said Southeast ¼; thence South 01°44’46”East, on and along the east line of the Southwest ¼ of the said Southeast ¼, 459.68 feet; thence North 87°09’23”West, 501.75 feet; thence South 22°16’57”West, 194.34 feet; thence South 64°09’26”West, 522.36 feet; thence South 53°35’36”West, 131.54 feet; thence North 87°09’23”West, 68.05 feet to the west line of the Southwest ¼ of said Southeast ¼; thence North 01°16’24”West, on and along the west line of said Southeast ¼, 2263.60 feet to the south right of way line of University Avenue; thence South 86°31’30”East, on and along said south right of way line, 2061.83 feet; thence South 83°05’01”East, on and along said south right of way line, 166.59 feet to the beginning of a curve to the left, having a radius of 5,789.57 feet and a long chord of South 87°43’04”East, 241.05 feet; thence Southeasterly, on and along the arc of said curve and said south right of way line, 241.07 feet to the point of beginning.
Containing 3,938,470 square feet (90.41 acres), more or less.
The property is otherwise known as Parcel Number 024-01029.000, Parcel Number 024-01030.000 and a portion of Parcel Number 024-01031.002, formerly in the Town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin.
Following the public hearing, the Marinette Common Council will take action on an ordinance adopting the proposed zoning designation at its regular meeting, which commences at the same location on March 1, 2016 at 6:00 p.m.
Jonathan I. Sbar
Marinette City Attorney
Cc: Property owners within 200’ of the areas of land included within the proposed zoning designation listed above were mailed a copy of the above notice and was also placed in the City Hall mailboxes of each of the following persons on February 16, 2016; Mayor Steve Genisot (w/encl.); City Attorney Jonathan Sbar (w/encl); City Clerk James M. Anderson (w/encl); Director of Public Works, Brian Miller (w/encl); Building Inspector, Wayne Ruechel (w/encl); Town Clerk, Town of Peshtigo; Department Heads; Plan Commission members; Common Council Members; A copy of the above notice was mailed to BAMC President Ed Harding; BAMC Director of Marketing and Public Relations John Hofer; BAMC Attorney Charles Cousland on February 16, 2016; A notice for each of the following was placed in the City Hall Press Box on February 16, 2016: Eagle Herald; Peshtigo Times; Bay Cities Radio; A copy was also posted on the City Hall Bulletin Board on February 16, 2016.

Façade Improvement Program Application Due Date is March 1, 2016

The City of Marinette is requesting applications for the annual Façade Improvement Program (FIP). The program provides financial assistance to commercial property owners in the downtown area to rehabilitate the exteriors of their properties. Assistance is designed to enhance the historical character of the downtown area by providing financial incentives to property owners seeking to restore some of the historic character to their properties.

The City’s financial participation shall be limited to 50% of the rehabilitation costs up to a maximum grant of $7,500.00 per project ($15,000.00 total project cost). Property owners may receive such assistance from the City once in a three-year period. Awards for assistance under the program are made based on eligibility and available funding from the Downtown Development Fund. The Downtown Development Fund derives its money from various downtown property leases and does not use general property tax dollars to fund the program. Funds may only be used for exterior repairs or improvements.

Eligible Improvements:

Repair to building exterior facades including front, rear and side facades.

Ineligible Improvements:

Interior improvements
Roofing and parking lots
Installation of metal, vinyl siding
Demolition of buildings

Applicants must submit a completed application to Jan Kust in the Community Development Office, 1905 Hall Avenue, Marinette, WI. For application materials, requirements and questions regarding additional eligible/ineligible improvements, contact 715.732.5139.

Deadline for submitting applications is March 1, 2016.

The Marinette Recreation Department will sponsor The American Red Cross lifeguard program

offering the highest quality training standards in skill instruction, professional lifeguard responsibilities and CPR training under the instruction of Pam Berg. Participants are expected to swim 300 yards front crawl and breaststroke and 25 yards on back, either elementary or backstroke. All participants must be at least 15 years old at the start of the course. Winter class registration deadline is February 22, with an initial meeting set for Wednesday, February 24 at 6:00 PM at the Civic Center. At this meeting participants will develop a course schedule that meets the needs of all participants, working around sports, school and work commitments.

The $100.00 course fee is payable at the time of registration at the Civic Center. Phone registrations are not accepted, but more information is available by calling the Recreation Department at 715-732-5222.

Civic Center Ice Rink is Available for Rent

The Marinette Recreation Department announces that the Civic Center Ice Rink is available for rent on Sunday evenings after 6:15 PM until the end of the skating season for private group rentals. Church groups, private entities and other organizations are encouraged to consider this time frame for group outings. The fee is $100.00 per hour, and includes the use of the ice rink and rental skates, if needed. To make reservations for this premier ice rental opportunity, call the Recreation Department at 715-732-5222.

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