The City of Marinette Bulding Inspector is issuing a reminder regarding Marinette Municipal Code's rules on building numbers withing the city. The municipal code reads as follows.

"Existing Buildings: The owner of every building in the City used for business, residence, or public purposes shall place and maintain on the front therof, in a conspicuous place open to public view, the number or numbers belonging to such building according to the maps and plans prepared therfore under the direction of the Mayor and the Council on file in the office of the City Engineer.

"New Buldings: The owner of every building, within 10 days after its occupation, shall cause the same to be numbered according to the maps and plans and such additions therto as the Mayor and Council may cause to be prepared and filed in the office of the City Engineer.

"Size and Style of Numbers: All numbers placed in accordance with the conditions of this section shall be either conspicuously painted or fo raised figures not less than three inches in height and of a color which contrasts with the color of the building. All numbers shall be in Arabic numeral form. Any other number styles, including written, scriptm and Roman numerals, do not satisy the requirements of this section.

"Failure to Act: If the owner of any building fails to comply with this section, the owner may be subject to the general penalty provisions of MMC 1.0107 (Ordinance 2010-2167 adopted 2-2-2010)."

Accurate visible numbering will assist police, fire officials, and EMS in emergency situations. Those with questions can contact the Marinette Building Inspector Wayne Ruechel at 262-879-4904 or Marinette Fire Chief Jay Heckel at 715-732-5179.

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