The City of Marinette and the Marinette Moose Lodge 2321 Invites all area businesses and organizations to participate! The intent of the City of Marinette's Parade is for participants of all ages to have fun and the themes conveyed should be understandable by children and appropriate for viewing by children. The Parade is intended to be a fun, local event for the Marinette Community to celebrate Marinette and the Logging and Heritage Festival.


  • All participants, in consideration of participation in this event, agree to indemnify, hold harmless and release the City of Marinette and the Marinette Moose Lodge, its agents and employees, from any and all liability for any injury or damage which may arise out of or in any way be connected with participation in the City of Marinette Logging and Heritage Festival.
  • All animal units must provide their own clean-up crew for their unit in the parade.
  • An adult must be on floats where there are children.
  • All parade participants shall conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for a family audience of all ages, March in a peaceful and orderly fashion and participate in a civil manner with respect to other participants and the public.
  • Throwing of candy or any other objects from parade entrants is strictly prohibited. Handing out candy or objects to the spectators is permitted by walkers only.

You will be informed of your entry's acceptance to participate and line-up information after the July 1st deadline. It is the applicant's responsibility to inform all members of the unit's official entry name, number, position and other instructions. Please use good common sense, as safety is our primary concern for both participants and spectators.


We are encouraging the return of decorated floats from area organizations, businesses, churches scouting groups etc. Musical participation with bands and other venues are also encouraged. This year we will be judging the entries and prizes will be awarded at 2 on Stephenson Island. Judging will be on:

  • Heritage (logging, fur-trading, fishing, shipbuilding)
  • Most entertaining
  • Musical
  • Original and creative in design
  • Patriotic

Judging of parade entries will take place at 2607 Riverside Ave. These rules and regulations are for everyone's safety. A safe parade is a good parade.