Preparing for Your Court Appearance


When you appear in Marinette Municipal Court, you are being charged with violating a City Ordinance or a State of Wisconsin Statute as adopted by the City of Marinette. You have a right to enter a plea of either Guilty, No Contest, or Not Guilty to the charge.

Guilty or No Contest Plea

A Guilty or No Contest plea means you are not contesting the charge and the court may find you guilty. If you are involved in the type of arrest where you may be sued civilly (for example, an accident), the fact that you plead No Contest in the court means that plea may not be used against you in any other action or in any other court concerning this case. If you plead Guilty, that is what is called an admission against interest which can, and may, be used against you civilly. It is very important that you understand the difference. You may plead No Contest to any charge in this court.

Not Guilty

If you plead Not Guilty you are contesting the case and are asking the court to schedule a trial. You will have the opportunity before the trial date to hold a pretrial conference with the City Attorney to attempt to work out an agreement. If you do not schedule a pretrial conference or call at your appointed time you will be found guilty. If you do not reach an agreement with the City Attorney you will be schedule for a trial.

Written Plea

You may send or bring to the court office a written plea of Not Guilty anytime before the scheduled initial court appearance if you are going to plead not guilty. Please tell the court you are entering a plea of Not Guilty to (reference the citation number and offense name), date the letter, sign it and print your correct mailing address and phone number. You may also send a not guilty plea to the court by email.


The Court may order one (1) day in jail for every $50 owed if you do not pay your fine. The Court may also suspend your driving privileges for failure to pay traffic violations.

Driver's License Suspension

  • If there is a suspension of your drivers license, in order to reinstate, you must first pay your citation in full then go to the DOT website or Department of Motor Vehicles and pay them $60 and reinstate your operating privileges.
  • In addition to the above, this court shall also certify this debt with the Wisconsin Department Debt Collection and / or a collection agency.


If you have any questions, please call this court at 715-732-5125.